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Best Garden Storage – A Buyer’s Guide

Can I leave my garden equipment outside?

With the joy of owning a garden comes the responsibility of keeping it tidy and in order. Even the least skilled gardeners among us will own at least a few pieces of garden equipment such as a lawn mower or a rake and a spade. 

When deciding on where to best store your tools and appliances, you will need to consider security, protection from the elements, and also the aesthetic aspect of keeping your garden looking its best. 

Tools & Accessories

Leaving your tools lying around is a recipe for disaster as, not only will they become subjected to rust and decay, but they will also present a tripping hazard. You will want to be particularly careful where you store your garden equipment if you have children or pets, as certain garden equipment could cause them serious injury.

Garden equipment

Some garden equipment such as certain lawn mowers or hedge trimmers will boast being “weather resistant.” Unfortunately, weather-resistant doesn’t necessarily mean the ability to withstand severe weather conditions such as a particularly cold winter or high winds. No product is indestructible, and it is up to you to prevent your garden equipment from damage by finding alternative storage solutions.

Equipment which is not weather resistant will be more susceptible to damage from the damp and cold, or fading from the heat. Mould and rust are among the many issues caused by long-term exposure to the damp. Eventually, these problems can cause your garden equipment to cease working altogether. Fortunately, there are some simple steps you can take to avoid having to replace your garden equipment more often than you should, or having to pay out a fortune to have them fixed.

Why should I keep my garden equipment in storage?

Keeping your garden equipment in storage will allow you to avoid all the issues outlined above. Choosing the best garden storage will protect your equipment from the elements, make sure it is well out of the way from your children and pets, and keep your garden looking at its best.

You may be fortunate enough to have a garden shed to store your garden equipment. This is a great place to keep all your appliances and tools out of the way, as well as protecting them from the elements. However, with a typical garden shed (often made of wood), there are some things you will need to consider.

Garden sheds

Garden sheds do not tend to be isolated, so whatever you store inside will likely still be subjected to the drastic changes in temperature between seasons. The heat will expand whilst the cold contracts, so your sensitive equipment will undergo these changes. Obviously, this is not ideal. In winter, if temperatures drop below zero degrees celsius, your liquids could freeze. Similarly, in hot weather, your liquids could heat up and even go through dangerous chemical reactions.

A wooden shed is not impervious to moisture. As discussed previously, moisture can cause a range of damage such as rust, mould and decay. 

Rodent damage

Finally, your typical garden shed can often be easily broken into by rodents or other small animals. They will be particularly drawn to anything edible which is left around. There is a chance they could nibble cables, thus causing irreversible and hazardous damage to your equipment.

Fortunately, there are plenty of garden storage options on the market which will provide the security and protection of your garden equipment needs.

What is the best garden storage available on the market?

There are many garden storage solutions out there which combine all the elements discussed in this article. This way, you can leave your garden equipment safely stored away with peace of mind:

Keter Brightwood Outdoor Plastic Storage Box Garden Furniture

Keter Brightwood Outdoor Plastic Storage

If you are looking for a stylish storage box with enough capacity to store all of your garden tools, then look no further! This box, in a versatile brown, has a capacity of up to 454 L. You can be sure that your tools will stay protected from the elements, it is easy to open and close with a piston-assisted lid, and it even doubles up as a seat for up to two adults.

If you want something which will require little upkeep, then this box is for you. The plastic will not fade in the sunlight. You can also be assured that your tools will be protected from theft or your children’s curiosity, as it comes equipped with a lock.

This box has been a rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars. It comes flat-packed for your convenience, and with assembly instructions.

Duramax Cedargrain StoreAway 850L Plastic Garden Storage Shed

This garden shed will be particularly convenient for storing your garden equipment such as your lawn mower and BBQ. The simplistic design and brown colour – with a woodgrain pattern – will look great in any garden or patio.

Duramax Cedargrain StoreAway

No danger of it being knocked over in strong gales as the plastic floor is heavy-duty. Your garden equipment will be protected from the weather, and the plastic is also fade-free.

The doors and roof of this shed will open wide to allow ease of storage or removal of your garden equipment. It has a staggering 850L capacity. There is also built in shelf-support; an excellent feature for storing away those pesky loose tools or items that are scattered around your garden.

The addition of a lockable latch will ensure that your garden equipment is stored in complete security.

Keter Eden Bench Outdoor Plastic Storage Box Garden Furniture

For something a little quirkier, why not choose this storage box which conveniently doubles up as a bench for your garden.


This Keter Eden Bench is guaranteed to be weather-resistant, so will keep your garden equipment and tools in a safe environment, whilst also providing seating for up to two adults.

It boasts a 265 L/65 G capacity; perfect for storing patio furniture, tools or pieces of equipment. The beige and brown colouring will look wonderful in any garden or patio, and the decorative wood panelling gives it that extra touch of something special. A piece not to be missed!

Once again there is a lockable option, so you don’t have to worry about the security of the equipment you are storing. It has a rating of 4.2 out of 5 on Amazon.

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