best waterproof garden storage

Best Waterproof Garden Storage

Waterproof garden storage come in many different shapes, sizes, materials, weights and also storage capacities. The type you are looking for will depend on what you wish to store inside of the storage and how you wish to store it in your outdoor space.

Typically types of storage boxes on the market range from storage sheds, deck boxes, and general outdoor storage cabinets. Typically they are made with different materials some of which being plastic, metal, and wood. 

Choosing the best waterproof garden storage can depend on what you wish to store inside of it.

Each type of outdoor storage comes in various shapes and sizes and capacities and smaller options such as an outdoor storage box may be more suitable for items such as; grill accessories, cushions, toys and other smaller items which can be stored away to reduce clutter in your garden.

For larger items, you may need an outdoor storage shed or a cabinet. Storing items such as bikes, garden furniture, lawnmowers which are bigger and may require bigger storage.

The size of your outdoor storage also depends on your garden size and if it fits and doesn’t look out of place in your surroundings.

Even though outdoor storage can look cosmetically quite appealing in some Gardens and have been designed to be quite modern and natural they can sometimes be an eye saw and you ideally want them to be stored away snugly in a secluded part of your garden.

What types of waterproof storage boxes are on the market?

As mentioned previously there are various types from garden sheds to outdoor storage boxes to deck boxes to outdoor storage cabinets. There are various brands some of which provide high-quality solutions but this does come at a price.

If you’re on a budget a more low-cost plastic outdoor storage box might be suitable for your requirements. Some of the best brands currently available on the market include; Keter, Dueba and Dunster house.

What material are outdoor storage boxes?

Outdoor storage boxes come in various materials shapes and size and the most popular material used on the market currently is plastic. Plastic storage can be cost-effective and are often cheaper than metal or wooden solutions.

Wood outdoor storage boxes are also available and provide a solid structure for any contents. They are weather-resistant and in some cases have been designed to include a bench for seating.

Metal storage boxes are at a high point in terms of price in the market and for good reason. They are the most weather-resistant, sturdy, durable and provide a reliable solution which has a great lifespan.

Where to buy waterproof garden storage?

Purchasing outdoor storage online is easy and safe. You can purchase either online or instore. Online is super easy and can sometimes be more cost-effective than instore as garden websites and DIY websites often have sales, vouchers and promotions such as Black Friday to take advantage of.

Purchasing outdoor storage can often mean that you will need to assemble the boxes yourself so double check before purchasing. One of the best places to start searching for the best waterproof outdoor storage is Amazon.

Are garden storage boxes waterproof?

Yes, most garden storage boxes on the market currently are waterproof. Any good outdoor storage box should protect the contents from the weather and outdoor conditions. However, there are some on the market which do leak and this can be a problem as mould can form inside of the box.

The outdoor storage boxes mentioned in this guide are all waterproof and weather resistant.

What size are outdoor storage boxes?

Outdoor storage boxes come in a vast range of sizes and shapes and often depending on your garden space you can find something to accommodate. Whether it’s a large space or a small space you can find a solution such as an outdoor shed or in smaller spaces and deck box.

What weight are outdoor storage boxes?

The weight will depend often on the quality and price of the product you are purchasing however most plastic outdoor storage boxes are lightweight and easy to manoeuvre around the garden.

Metal storage boxes can be quite heavy as they are are more durable. Also, wood boxes are more on the heavy side due to the material. On the plus side, they are more durable.

Are Keter storage boxes waterproof?

Keter storage boxes are waterproof. They are currently one of the most reliable providers on the market. Their outdoor storages products are all of high quality and have a good reputation with their customers.

If you are considering purchasing a storage box, Keter would be a good place to start. Some of the best Keter storage sheds currently on the market can be found here.

What is the best waterproof garden storage box?

We’ve handpicked some of the best waterproof storage sheds and boxes taking into consideration durability and the overall protection from water damage. Keter garden storage sheds are currently the most popular on the market.

The main reason for their popularity is mainly due to their high quality but also the fact that they can be purchased at a reasonable price. One of the best Keter garden storage sheds currently on the market is the Keter Store-It Out Midi​.

Keter Store-It Out Midi

This outdoor storage shed is suitable for storing garden tools and accessories such as barbecue equipment or wheel bins. The shed has been designed with wood effect panels which open from the top and front. This includes and secure lock and close feature. In terms of durability, this product is up there with the best and is weather-resistant and requires no maintenance or fading work.

Capacity wise this shed has heavy-duty built-in shelving and is capable of storing 845L. 

  • Assembled dimensions: 130 x 74 x 110 cm (L x W x H)
  • Internal dimensions: 121 x 64 x 100 cm (L x W x H)

Keter Brightwood Outdoor Plastic Storage Box

This plastic storage box is a great solution for storing garden furniture such as cushions toys, tools and other accessories. The boxes have been designed with stylish decorative wood panels and are capable of storing up to 454 L. The design also takes into account ventilation and ensures all contents are kept dry at all times. The box has a piston assisted lid and also acts as a bench which would allow two adults to sit on.

The lock with this box is included for extra security. The box is fade-free and requires no maintenance and is weather resistant. 

  • Assembled external dimensions: 145 x 69.7 x 60.3 cm (L x W x H)
  • Internal dimensions: 138 x 59.6 x 55.2 cm (L x W x H)

Keter Ontario Huge Plastic Waterproof Garden Storage Box ​

One of the best garden storage boxes currently on the market is the Keter Ontario Garden Storage Box. This box is large but for good reason as the design has been adjusted to allow for a whopping 870 L storage capacity.

With a trunk in wood effect resin finish and a lid which opens from top and front this box also provides seating and can allow for 2 adults to sit comfortably.

This is an ideal solution for storing garden accessories such as a tool, kids toys and cushions. Keep your cushions damp-free can be a problem but this box includes ventilation so everything remains dry. 

Moving the box around the garden has also been considered as it includes an easily equipped handle for transportation. Wherever you are looking to place storage in your garden this box will sit well and works well in gardens, terraces and also balconies. 

  • Package dimensions: 106 x 148.5 x h. 16 cm
  • Product dimensions: 147 x 83 x h. 86 cm
  • Capacity: 870 L

How do you put up a Keter store it out Max?

All Keter outdoor storage boxes and shed include a clear and concise instruction manual. Ensure that you follow it to the tee and you won’t go wrong. Often these boxes only include a few screws and panels which are easily assembled if you follow the steps in the right order (however tempting it is to get started without consulting the instructions at all..). 

Always make sure you have the right tools ready to complete the job and a nice area with space so you can work and see where each part is easily located.

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