How To Store A Lawn Mower

How To Store A Lawn Mower

A lawnmower is often a bulky piece of equipment, so finding somewhere to store it may prove a challenge. The most important factors to consider when deciding where to keep it long-term are: finding somewhere where it will be protected from the elements, and making sure that it won’t be a tripping hazard or cause an accident.

A short-term solution, especially if you are using your lawnmower regularly, would be to keep it under a waterproof cover. This is certainly not advisable for the winter months or when your mower is likely to be in storage for a while.

Lawnmowers are designed to be used outside, so they do have some resistance of their own against the elements. However, leaving it outside for a long period could result in rust or mould developing. These issues, which are caused by the damp, may eventually damage your lawnmower to the point where it could eventually stop working.

If you can guarantee that the weather will stay warm and dry for a considerable length of time, then it should be safe to leave your lawnmower outside. However, the sun could cause a little cosmetic damage such as fading the paintwork. You also don’t want to be caught out by the weather changing, as long bouts of bad weather could damage your lawnmower.

The best place to keep your lawnmower is under some sort of protection, such as in a garage or shed. At the very least, you could cover it with a tarpaulin sheet. However, you should bear in mind that tarpaulin may create the conditions you are trying to avoid by trapping the water underneath.

Is it safe to store a lawnmower in the house?

Storing your lawnmower in the house may not be a very practical, nor particularly safe, option.

Depending on where you find space for your lawnmower indoors, it could be a hassle to have to take it out from the cupboard – or wherever you find space for it in your home – to your garden every time you need to cut your grass. Not only that, but it may also take up precious space or become a tripping hazard.

Some practical steps you could take when storing your lawnmower away to make it safe are the following: making sure to fold your lawnmower properly, tidying cables away, and covering sharp objects. You want to be especially careful if you have children or pets.

Some people opt to keep their lawnmowers in their basements as this keeps it out of the way, as well as providing protection from the elements. However, a basement may also be prone to the damp, so you may still need to invest in a tarpaulin cover or at least clean your lawnmower/ maintain it regularly.

Another factor you should consider if your lawnmower is powered using a gas tank is the potential for the gas to leak and create dangerous fumes. You can prevent this from happening by emptying the gas tank before storing your lawnmower away and using up all of the fuel. You should also make sure that your basement is well ventilated, and check your lawnmower regularly for leaks and any other damage.

Can I store my lawnmower vertically?

Storing your lawnmower vertically may seem like the more practical and even prudent way to do it, but the reality is that you risk the gas or oil leaking. Also, these substances could leak into other parts of the lawnmower where it could cause damage.

A lawnmower that doesn’t run on gas or oil can be stored vertically, but you should always check to see what the manufacturer recommends.

How do you winterize a lawnmower?

Some ways of winterizing your lawn mower have already been covered in this article, such as emptying the gas tank before storing it away and making sure that it is covered.

Putting your lawnmower away for winter is the perfect time to give it a good clean. With power off, you can use a brush to clean away dried mud. For larger debris such as dried leaves and grass, you can simply put on a pair of thick gloves and remove them with your hands.

A good option would be to remove the battery from your battery-powered lawnmower, as batteries may stop working in a cold, damp environment. Keep your battery somewhere cool and dry over winter.

Also, use the tips outlined in this article to find a suitable location for storing your lawnmower over the winter months.

What are the best lawn mower storage solutions?

Fortunately, there are some storage solutions on the market which will make the task of finding somewhere to keep your lawnmower a lot easier. Keeping your lawnmower in a shed, such as the ones outlined below, will free up precious space in your home and keep it out of the reach of inquisitive children or pets:

TOOMAX Storaway 842L Outdoor Garden Plastic Storage Shed Box

The wood panelling effect of this outdoor storage shed – in black and grey – makes it look extremely attractive and will suit any garden or patio. In fact, it may become the centre feature! It is heavy-duty and has a capacity of 842 litres so will easily fit a small to medium-sized lawnmower. Since the shed is water-resistant, your lawnmower will be protected from the elements. What is more, it is expected to only take you 20-minutes of assemblage. 

Its key features are:

  • Easily assemblage and attractive wood panelling effect
  • Heavy-duty and weather resistant
  • UV stabilised; so the colour won’t fade in the sunlight

Keter Manor Pent Outdoor Plastic Garden Storage Shed

In beige and brown, this garden shed will also look quite the part in your garden or patio. It contains a single door and there are ventilation ducts, so you don’t need to worry about your lawnmower suffering from the damp or poor circulation of air.

There is even a window integrated into the design, so the shed will have the benefit of natural light. You won’t need to worry about the security of your lawnmower as there is a padlock included.

The storage shed has a massive 3,200-litre capacity so will fit even the largest of lawnmowers with ease.

Its key features are

  • Heavy-duty and made of fade-free plastic
  • Extra secure with padlock
  • Excellent ventilation and large capacity for storage

Keter Factor Outdoor Plastic Garden Storage Shed

This unmissable storage shed will fit even the largest of lawnmowers with ease. It has an 8.1-litre capacity and its wide, double doors open out to provide ease of access when moving your lawnmower to and from the shed. 

This unit also comes with shelves, so there will be plenty of room to store your other garden equipment and utensils. Built-in ventilation will ensure air circulation so your lawnmower will be safe from damage due to the build-up of dampness. The beige colouring and luxurious wood panelling effect will make it look a treat in any garden or patio.

Its key features are:

  • Ventilation provides constant airflow
  • Heavy-duty floor, so the damp cannot seep through from below
  • Integrated window and skylight

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