how to store garden cushions

How to Store Garden Cushions

What is the best way to store garden cushions?

We’re all guilty of it; we take our garden cushions outside and leave them on seats or trailing around the garden, hoping against all hope that it won’t rain too much. Or maybe, like diligent garden cushion-owners, we take them inside every evening to bring back out in the morning.

Most cushions are fabricated to withstand the lighter summer showers without much of an issue. However, if heavier rain is forecast, they should be taken inside or stored away to prevent mould from developing over time. Another unfortunate result of your cushions being left out too much in the rain is that they will become misshapen, due to the constant soaking/drying effect.

Luckily, there are ways to keep your cushions safe and dry without having to carry them inside every night. Garden storage units and storage benches have been designed with this exact conundrum in mind. You’d like to keep your cushions close at hand, but you’d also like them to stay dry and looking at their best. A garden storage unit, or storage bench, may be exactly what you need.

How Can I Keep My Garden Cushions Clean?

Before storing your cushions away for winter, you should wash and dry them thoroughly. If you let stains or mould build up for too long, they will be much harder to remove. 

You can clean your cushions easily by following these simple instructions:

  • The most important thing you can do is to check the label. Each cushion and cushion-cover will have its own set of instructions. You don’t want to wash it in a way that will damage or destroy it.
  • Providing that your cushion-cover can withstand it, you can get rid of mold or mildew by mixing one cup of bleach with 4.5L water, blotting the problem areas with a sponge and then by using a brush to really work the mixture into the material.
  • Treat other stubborn stains before putting your cushion-covers into the washing-machine. Spray soiled areas with a mixture of soap and water then use a sponge to work it in. Finally, apply cornstarch or bicarbonate of soda. Leave for ten minutes, then put it through a cycle in your washing-machine (following the instructions on the label).
  • Allow to dry completely before ironing the covers and putting away. The extra heat from your iron will kill any unwanted lodgers such as fleas.

What sort of storage options are available for storing away my cushions?

Garden storage boxes and units come in all shapes and sizes, so there is sure to be one suitable for every garden and patio. A storage bench can double up as a convenient garden seat. During the summer your cushions can be arranged onto the seat pad and then popped into the storage box underneath overnight. A chest, on the other hand, may provide extra room for the other garden tools and you’d like kept out of sight, and a storage shed could even house your wheelie bins or larger pieces of garden equipment, as well as your cushions.

Garden Storage Box – 324 Liter Chest

A garden storage chest such as this one will keep your cushions tidied away whilst protecting them from the elements. It has a hinged lid and can be locked securely for peace of mind. This plastic chest can be maintained by simply wiping it down with a damp cloth from time to time. It’s brown colour will look great in any garden or patio, and there are even side handles for ease of transportation.

TOOMAX Outdoor & Indoor Storage Box Bench

This storage bench has an attractive wood design and boasts easy assemblage. You don’t have to worry about it getting damaged by the weather as the plastic is fade-free, water-resistant and UV stabilised.

It has a capacity of 270L so you will be able to easily store away your cushions, along with a blanket and some garden tools, or whatever you want kept safely out of the way. It will also seat 2 people and support up to 320 kilos. It even comes with a two-year warranty, so don’t spend a single second worrying about accidental damage. This storage bench is built to last; it will be an investment well-made for both your garden and your cushions.

Keter Store It Out Max 1200L Storage Box

Want something a bit more all-purpose for your garden and patio? This large storage box is likely to tick all of your boxes. 

Being both strong and weather-resistant, it is guaranteed to keep your cushions and whatever you choose to store inside dry and aerated. The lid opens easily by means of pistons, and there are two wide doors opening at the front for ease of access. 

It has a capacity of up to 1200L, so once you put all of your assorted garden cushions inside there will still be plenty of room for your tools , garden equipment and much more.

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