how to store your bike outside

How To Store Your Bike Outside

Bikes are becoming more and more popular as a means of transportation and people are using them more frequently not only for leisure but also for travelling to and from work.

Some bikes on the market can range from up to £1500 which is the equivalent of some hatchback cars on the market. Ensuring your bike is safe and secure is of the utmost importance but you’d be surprised how many bike owners do not take this seriously. Just some of the key reasons why your bike needs to be stored somewhere secure are listed below: 

  • Risk of theft or security
  • Wear and tear due to outdoor conditions
  • Additional household space  
  • Peace of mind

How do you store your bike safely after usage?

There are various ways, some of which are relatively low cost such as always using a secure bike lock. One of the most effective options is to store your bike using an outdoor storage box, shed or cabinet.  There is a lot to different types of storage to choose from, however, the vast majority should allow you to safely secure your bike in your garden apartment or house. Most outdoor storage solutions also include a secure lock. Here are some other factors you should consider before deciding how to store your bike outside:

Theft of bikes

According to crime data, 376,000 bicycles are stolen every year in the UK. This works out at about one bike stolen every 90 seconds. You should always store your bike in a safe and secure location preferably with a sturdy lock. Leaving your bike outside is only going to end badly so make sure you invest in a suitable waterproof outdoor storage solution.

Wear and tear due to outdoor conditions

If you decide to leave your bike outside then you are going to eventually run into durability problems due to the elements and seasons. Bikes can rust in cold and wet conditions, but if you store them securely then this can easily be avoided. As mentioned previously some bikes can cost a lot of money so ensuring they are kept dry and rust-free is important for the long term health of your bike.  

Free up indoor space

Often a lot of our users request guides for how to store their bikes outside as they live in a small apartment of a flat which has little to no indoor storage space. Imagine entering or leaving your flat each day and having to walk around your bike to get out. For this reason alone you should consider storing your bike securely outside or on a balcony like the example below. For more information about this shed and other types click here: outside-bike-storage-box

Is it bad to store your bike outside?

It depends how serious you are about your bike’s security and condition. It can be bad for your bike if you leave it outside and there is a constant buildup of moisture which eventually will turn into rust. Bikes should always be stored somewhere safe indoors or in a secure outside bike storage box. Leaving your bike outsides can also increase the likelihood of it being stolen so safe storage is very important. 

How do you store a bike in a small space?

Storing your bike in a small place such as an apartment or flat can sometimes be a challenge the easiest solution is to store your bike in an outside bike storage box or cabinet. Outdoor storage cabinets should provide adequate storage space for your bike and provide shelter from weather conditions, security and also free up space in smaller areas as you can store your bike outside. If you plan to store multiple bikes then a garden storage shed might be a more suitable option. Plastic and metal storage sheds come in multiple shapes and sizes and should provide enough storage space for storing up to 4 bikes. 

Will my bike rust in a shed?

The main reason why bikes tend to rust is due to the moisture left on the bike surface from the outdoors. This can happen during the winter season as it tends to rain more often. Ensuring that you give your bike a quick whip down before storing should help to stop any rust forming. If you notice your bike is rusting consider using some lemon juice and rub the surface and paintwork. The acid in the lemon should help to stop the rust spreading. If you are storing your bike in a safe and secure area such as a bike shed or outdoor storage cabinet then your bike will remain dry and rust-free. bike-rust

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