Keter 6 x 8 shed – A Buyer’s Guide

Often finding a shed which is the right size for your garden can be a challenge as not all providers have the suitable ranges and sizes required for a larger garden spaces. Thankfully we can always rely on Keter to fix this problem. Keter plastic garden storage sheds are always of the highest quality and are designed to fit any space.

In this article we will be discussing 6 x 8 sheds as this size is currently one of the largest available on the market. The elegant Keter 6 x 8 shed is part of the “factor” range, Keter also has various other ranges such as the popular Manor range. 

This shed really is an ideal solution for those looking to fill a large space in their garden or maybe you have a lot of items hanging around the garden which need a new home. This shed would easily hold all types of garden furniture, barbecues, garden tools and even a bike or pram would be suitable. 

The keter 6 x 8 shed comes with built in ventilation which is great as some provides on the market do not include this and when storing your items inside can sometimes lead to a build up mould or damp.


The Keter Factor Storage Shed is made of durable fade free plastic and is reinforced using steel to ensure this shed can withstand all the elements. There is a side window which provides light when inside and also beautiful elegant ‘wood effect’ exterior double doors which make the shed easily accessible but also lockable.

Note: The lock is not provided by Keter but you can purchase one from amazon or another online provider.

There is a sky light and a high ceiling which includes two shelves for off the floor storage. In terms of colour the keter factors 8 x 6 comes in a lovely beige which is neutral and suitable for most garden designs. Lastly the floor has been created using heavy duty floor panels which ensure you can keep all objects free from moisture and dry at all times.


This is definitely one of the largest sheds keter provide coming in at a 8 x 6 ft in total and with a capacity of 8.1L.

The full external assembly dimensions are listed below: 182 x 256.6 x 243 cm (L x W x H); internal dimensions: 162 x 236.5 x 238.5 cm (L x W x H)

Some questions from customers

Does this shed need to be placed onto a concrete foundation?

Ideally yes. However if the ground you are placing this shed one is flat, firm and level then this should suffice. It is recommended to always use a solid foundation if possible, paving slabs would also would well to provide structure. 

Can you place electrical cables in this shed?

Yes, ofcourse! Always ensure that you drill carefully not to split the exterior panels. 

Can I place the window on the other side of the shed? 

Yes, the window can be placed on one of 4 places – one on each different side of the shed. 

Have another question? Please get in touch and we would be more than happy to answer it!

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