Keter Manor Shed 4×3 – A Buyer’s Guide

Need a place to store those yard tools and gardening supplies that you use year-round? If so, the Keter Manor Shed 4×3 is perfect for your needs.

With zero maintenance required, it’s ideal for adding this storage shed to your garden or outdoor space. When assembled, you’ll be amazed at how durable yet lightweight this particular unit feels – really versatile! A great option for safekeeping all of those items like trowels, hoes and clippers that may otherwise get rained on in the winter if not stored indoors.

Safe and secure

Not all sheds are created equal. Your mind may wander to the image of a wobbly shed that is home to nothing more than piles of boards and nails, but it can be so much more. You deserve something beautiful and functional. Keter Manor Sheds are durable, safe and secure and aesthetically pleasing solutions for your needs that redefine quality in garden storage.


The elegance of the Keter line will transform your property into a retreat with stunning character and sophisticated flair. These wonderful attics have much to offer beyond beauty alone: they’re also sustainable projects that last generations by using recycled or easily renewable materials like high-density polyethene (HDPE), steel as well as rich timber finishes, such as mahogany Vernis water base.


Durability and formidable even under the harshest of conditions making this a very sturdy, weather-resistant shed to have on those rainy days. With a double-wall and extruded panelled plastic, your shed will never fade or need maintenance.


With a footprint of 16.4 sq ft, this Keter manor shed leaves you with spacious square footage to store your treasures in style and out of sight from prying neighbours. You’ll be able to keep everything organized with the 10 shelves that are included and by using the 3 roller shutters for extra security.

If your looking for something bigger to store larger items then the Keter Manor Shed 6×5 may be a more spacious alternative.

Easy Assembly

You’ll be happy to know that Keter has made things as simple as possible and have taken the time and effort to ensure an easy assembly experience even for novice builders.
With an extremely affordable price, this modern design is perfect for any tight confines space.

  • Ideal outdoor storage solution for all garden tools and equipment, BBQ’s and DIY tools
  • Elegant and traditional wood effect exterior ideal for small and narrow spaces
  • Floor panel with built-in ventilation ducts for air circulation and padlock hasp for optional added security
  • Made out of a durable, maintenance and fade-free weather-resistant plastic; capacity: 1800 Litre
  • Assembled external dimensions: (L x W x H) 103 x 129 x 196 cm; internal dimensions: (L x W x H) 88 x 111 x 193 cm

Frequently asked questions

Would I be be able to fit a folded wheel chair inside the Keter Manor Shed 4×3?

Yes, absolutely. It would fix without any problems. Always consider the dimensions before you purchase and ensure you have allocated enough space if you decided to store something else alongside the wheelchair.

How heavy is this storage shed? 

Once assembled the weight of the shed is reasonable light. If your concern if you can move the shed after assembly then yes two people could move the shed. You should consider where you plan to place the shed within your garden so that it is no exposed to high wind areas.

Can you get replacement screws for the keter manor 4×3? 

Yes, you can contact Keter directly to request additional screws. Once of our customers had to do exactly this recently as they lost a screw in their garden pond.

Is this shed flat packed? 

This shed is flat packed and is relatively simple to put up. For instructions about assembling your furniture always check with the instruction manual.

Assembly Instructions

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Download the assembly manual:

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