Keter Manor Shed 6×5 – A Buyer’s Guide

This Keter Manor Shed 6×5 DD compact garden shed offers a surprisingly large amount of outdoor storage for all gardens or outdoor spaces.

At first glance this really is a stylish modern garden storage shed. It’s been finished with a beautiful sleek grey colour which would compliment any garden style or design. It’s clever compact design is what you would usually expect from Keter outdoor storage and structurally when built it’s actually very sturdy.

The Keter Manor Shed 6×5 DD has a fixed side window (approximately 30 x 45 cm) and 2 doors (opening approx. 134 x 184 cm) which are accessed from the front.



The inbuilt ventilation grill offers enough insulation to ensure no damp or mould is built up inside and all contents should stay free from moisture. This means that the shed requires no maintenance whatsoever and is resistant from all weather conditions.

Often areas where damp can build up in these types of sheds is the floor, however Keter have this covered as the flooring is included and is actually super easy to assemble.



In terms of security this shed is Ürriegel lockable however the lock is not included. If you are considering purchasing ensure you also get a suitable lock with your order. One of the best selling locks on Amazon for outdoor storage is the XFORT 2 Pack Brenton Strong Sliding Lockable Padbolt.

  • Resistant to all weathers Weatherproof
  • Sturdy structure 
  • Ease of assembly
  • Modern Design
  • Package dimensions: 200 x 113 x h. 20.5 cm
  • Product dimensions: 185 x 152 x h. 226 cm
  • Surface: 2.5 m2

Keter Manor Shed 6x5 - Common Q&A

Is this shed suitable for bike storage?
Due to its thinner depth this outdoor storage unit isn’t really the right fit for bikes. You may be able to fit a bike inside if you place it horizontally but this really isn’t ideal. A more suitable alternative would be its parent the Keter Manor Shed 6×8.
Is it possible to fix shelves to the walls in this shed?
This isn’t really advised as it can damage the exterior enabling moisture to enter the structure however free standing shelves may be an option. As this is a more compact storage solution you may want to consider an alternative for more wider items i.e strimmer and brushes such as an outdoor storage box.
Is this shed suitable for bike storage?

Thankfully there is a lot of useful information online to help you build you shed without any problems. As always we suggest you thoroughly read the instruction manual before starting this project.

This video should give you an insight and guide you through the steps:

Assembly Instructions

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Download the assembly manual:

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